your driver


Wherever you choose to travel in the north east - we are able to help - having lived and cycled in the area for over 20 years.

Maybe there is something different that you would like to do - Just call Geoff @ Bus-a-Bike on 040 980 6458

At  Bus-a-Bike we pride ourselves on making your biking holiday one to remember.  We know that you love your cycling - and know about challenges involved.  Therefore we provide a service - much like a taxi service - catering for up to 13 people including your bikes - tailored to suit you.

Whether it be;

* A straight forward pick up/drop off between towns such as Bright and Beechworth

* Taking the easier way home from local wineries like Gapsted, Michelini's, Feathertop or even further to Brown Brothers in Milawa

* Or maybe mountain adventures from Hotham, Buffalo or Falls Creek

By using our service - you have more time to spend exploring and relaxing at your destination or just more time riding the Rail Trail.